Purchasing Real Estate with your Bitcoin Holdings

We at 2Costa Rica Real Estate would like to tip our hats to the HODL’ers who had the vision and staying power to make it through this last crypto market cycle.  The crypto bear market is likely behind us, given the March sell-off of equities and other assets, and the subsequent strong recovery in value over the past two quarters.  Now with the 2020 halving in place, trillions of dollars of fiat being injected into the global economies, Covid redefining priorities for the way we live and where we work, those who hold sound money and finite digital assets will be reaping the financial rewards with newfound buying power.

Bitcoiners are witnessing what is perhaps the beginning of mass adoption, as we see companies such as MicroStrategy, Square other others converting the U$D on their balance sheets into BTC reserves.  The narrative of BTC being the new reserve assets is firmly taking place across board rooms in the U.S, U.K.  and beyond.  PayPal has recently announced that the payment processing giant will be offering crypto buying and exchange services, and their expansive customer base can use this onramp to further adoption.  Corporations, hedge funds, institutional banks and retail investors alike are now recognizing the value of sound, sovereign money in the form of finite, digital assets.

As this growth cycle and bull market begin to take hold, we would like to invite you consider the possibility of investing in other hard assets in the form of real estate in Costa Rica.  With easy access from North America, a stable democracy, a transparent land ownership registry, low holding costs, good rental income potential and great lifestyle benefits, Costa Rica has been a haven for second home buyers, retirees, and now digital nomads.   Our network of Central Valley and coastal offices are here to help astute investors analyze the macro market factors and specific opportunities to see what location and property type best suits your goals and criteria.  Many of our agents have holdings in digital assets, and we have been local industry leaders in facilitating property transactions using BTC as the purchasing currency since 2017.  We have experience in situations where BTC holding buyers purchase property whereby sellers want to be paid in fiat and also transactions completely within the native ecosystem.  Costa Rica still offers great value on the buy side with current property pricing, and we are here to assist with your overview of the market and help guide the purchase process.  As of November 1, all U.S. state residents are allowed to return to Costa Rica, and we are seeing healthy buyer activity manifest now here on the ground.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly to initiate the dialogue and your market review.  We offer very personalized, professional service and our team of bi-lingual agents are eager to help you navigate the exciting landscape of opportunities available here.

The following sellers will accept payment in Bitcoin

Pure Bliss Deja Blue, Dominical


Casa Vista del Cielo, Escaleras


Boutique Riverside Resort, Uvita

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